Year Series Card Model Body Color Tampo Base Color Base Type Base Code Window Color Interior Color Toy Number Country Notes / Variations Photo

Card Photo

Chrysler Prowler Chrysler Prowler
Chrysler Pronto Cruizer Chrysler Pronto Cruizer
1956 Chrysler 300B 1956 Chrysler 300B
2005 Chrysler HEMI 300C 2005 Chrysler HEMI 300C 2012 1
1971 Plymouth HEMI Cuda Image Not Available
1996 Dodge Viper GTS 1996 Dodge Viper GTS
1998 Dodge Viper GT2 1998 Dodge Viper GT2
Dodge Durango Dodge Durango
Dodge Concept Image Not Available
Dodge Ram Quad Cab Dodge Ram Quad Cab
1997 Dodge Viper RT/10 1997 Dodge Viper RT10
1969 Dodge Charger R/T 1969 Dodge Charger RT
2001 Dodge Super 8 HEMI Concept 2001 Dodge Super 8 HEMI Concept
2006 Dodge Charger R/T 2006 Dodge Charger RT
2007 Dodge Charger police 2007 Dodge Charger police
Dodge Challenger SRT Dodge Challenger SRT
2010 Ram 1500 2010 Ram 1500
2011 Dodge Charger R/T 2011 Dodge Charger RT
Ford Street Ka Ford Street Ka 2012
Mustang Mach III Mustang Mach III
1999 Ford Mustang 1999 Ford Mustang
Ford Taurus Ford Taurus
1953 Ford Thunderbird 1953 Ford Thunderbird
1934 Ford Hot Rod 1934 Ford Hot Rod
Ford Expolorer Sport Trac Ford Expolorer Sport Trac
Ford Mighty F-350 Super Duty Ford Mighty F-350 Super Duty
1932 Ford Sedan Deliviry Image Not Available
1932 Ford Woody Wagon Woody
2009 Ford F-150 STV Raptor Raptor
2010 Ford Mustang GT Coupe 2010 Ford Mustang GT
Ford Thunderbird Ford Thunderbird
Ford Interceptor Not in catalog, Rare Black / Red & Yellow with "FUNNY!!"

Not standart wheels

Ford Interceptor
2000 Buick LaCrosse Concept 2000 Buick LaCrosse Concept
1997 Chevrolet Corvette 1997 Chevrolet Corvette
2000 Chevrolet Express Van 2000 Chevrolet Express Van
2001 Chevrolet Monte Carlo SS 2001 Chevrolet Monte Carlo SS
1957 Chevrolet Corvette 1957 Chevrolet Corvette
2001 Chevrolet Suburban 2001 Chevrolet Suburban
2006 Chevrolet Camaro Concept 2006 Chevrolet Camaro Concept
2011 Chevrolet Volt 2011 Chevrolet Volt
2002 GMC Terra4 Concept 2002 GMC Terra4 Concept
2001 HUMMER H2 SUT Concept 2001 HUMMER H2 SUT
HUMMER H3T Concept HUMMER H3T Concept
2008 HUMMER HX Concept 2008 HUMMER HX Concept
1982 Pontiac Firebird 1982 Pontiac Firebird
2006 Pontiac Solstice 2006 Pontiac Solstice
Jeep Jeepster Jeep Jeepster
Nissan 370Z Nissan 370Z
Audi TT Roadster Audi TT Roadster
Audi A8 Audi A8
BMW Z3 Bmw Z3
BMW Z8 BMW Z8 cabrio
BMW Z8 Coupe BMW Z8
BMW 1-Series Coupe BMW 1-Series Coupe
BMW X6 Bmw x6
Jaguar XJ220 XJ
Lamborghini Countach Lamborghini Countach
Lamborghini Murcielago Lamborghini Murcielago
1966 Lamborghini Miura Lamborghini Miura
Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4 Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4
Mercedes-Benz ML Mercedes-Benz ML
Mercedes-Benz SLK Mercedes-Benz SLK
Mercedes-Benz CLK-GTR Street Car Mercedes-Benz CLK-GTR Street Car
Mercedes-Benz S-Class Mercedes-Benz S-Class
Mercedes-Benz GLK Mercedes-Benz GLK
MINI COOPER S Dark Green / White roof and white stripes Mini Cooper S
MINI COOPER S Blue / White roof and white stripes MINI COOPER S 2
MyCar MyCar
Opel Speedster Opel Speedster
Opel Eco-Speedster Opel Eco-Speedster
Porsche 956 Porsche 956
Porsche Turbo Porche Turbo
Porsche 356A Porsche 356A
Porsche 959 Maisto Porsche 959
Porsche 911 Speedster Porsche 911 Speedster
Porsche 550A Spyder Porsche 550A Spyder
Porsche Boxster Porsche Boxster
1997 Porsche 911 Carrera 1997 Porsche 911 Carrera
Porsche C4S Porsche C4S
Porsche 356B Convertible Porsche 356
Porsche Cayman S Porsche Cayman S
Porsche Panamera Turbo Porsche Panamera Turbo
Clio v6 Renault sport Clio v6 Renault sport
smart Roadster Image Not Available
smart fortwo Smart Fortwo WHITE
smart fortwo Smart Fortwo
Volvo XC90 Volvo XC90
Volkswagen 1300 Volkswagen 1300
Volkswagen New Beetle VW New Beetle
Volkswagen GTI Golf gti cabrio
Volkswagen Jetta Vw jetta
Volkswagen New Beetle Cabrio Vw newbeetle cabrio
Lexus SC 430 Lexus sc430
Lexus IS 300 Lexus is300
Scion XB Image Not Available
Scion XB Scion XB
Tayota Celica GT-S Tayota Celica GT-S
Formula Image Not Available
Formula Formula 2
Off Road Warrior Off Road Warrior
Off-Road Off-Road
Boat Police Copter
Livestock Image Not Available
Cage Image Not Available
Travel Trailer Image Not Available
2 Canoes Image Not Available
Rescue Copter Rescue Copter
School Bus School Bus
Ambulance Ambulance
Quarry Dump Quarry Dump
Ladder Truck Ladder Truck
Disposal Truck Image Not Available
Deleviry Truck Image Not Available
Cherry Picker Image Not Available
Dump Truck Dump Truck
Stake Truck Image Not Available
Cement Mixer Cement Mixer
Bulldozer Bulldozer
Pumper Pumper
Tow Truck Tow Truck
Police Copter Police Copter
Open Wheel Racer Image Not Available
Denver Pumper Denver Pumper
Tractor Shovel Tractor Shovel
Jumbo Crane Jumbo Crane
Pipe Truck Pipe Truck
Gas Tanker Gas Tanker
Utility Truck Utility Truck
Shorkel Snorkle Fire
Snow Plow Snow Plow
Trailer Image Not Available
Utility Van Utility Van
Armored Van Armored Van
Street Sweeper Street Sweeper