!DailyDose ASM2012a
!DailyDose ASM2012b
!DailyDose ASM2012c
  • Also all 15 cars featured in three 5-Packs:
    • Darkbird, V7, Stallion, Whiplash, Rosewood
    • Armored, Stallion, Police Copter, SE-51, Fast Money
    • E-7, SPM-476, Vantasy, Police Car, Stallion
Model Character Photo
Darkbird Spider-Man Image Not Available
V7 Lizard V7 SM2012
Stallion Spider-Man Image Not Available
Whiplash Spider-Man Image Not Available
Rosewood Spider-Man Rosewood SM2012
Armored Lizard Armored SM2012
Stallion Spider-Man Image Not Available
Police Copter None Image Not Available
SE-51 Spider-Man SE-51 SM2012
Fast Money Spider-Man Fast Money SM2012
E-7 Spider-Man E-7 SM2012
SPM-476 Spider-Man SPM-476 SM2012
Vantasy Lizard Vantasy SP2012
Police Car None Image Not Available
Stallion Spider-Man Image Not Available

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